About Eco-Tec Inc.

Eco-Tec Headquarters in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

Eco-Tec is a leading provider of industrial process equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. Our systems incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide resource-recovery and purification solutions to a wide variety of industries worldwide. Our products have been delivering improved performance, economy, and reliability for nearly 50 years, while facilitating environmental sustainability. Eco-Tec has well over 2,000 installations in more than 60 countries.

Innovation Is Our Foundation

Eco-Tec’s products are rooted in ground-breaking technologies such as Recoflo® , our reciprocating flow ion exchange process, initially developed by Dr.Robert Hunter, Dr. Irving Spinner and Dr. Richard Hummer and further developed by our Chairman, Dr. Phillip Simmons during his graduate studies at the University of Toronto 50 years ago along with professors of the chemical engineering department. This provided the foundation for the many innovations achieved by the company over its history. Recoflo® breaks the mould of traditional ion exchange, with its performance and economic limitations, and has evolved into a variety of leading concepts that enable clients to economically, efficiently, and effectively manage valuable industrial resources.

Eco-Tec has won numerous awards for innovation, technology, and trade while adhering to our corporate philosophy of providing superior quality products based upon excellent technology, delivering best value to our customers. The company continues to build on this foundation of innovation, breaking ground in new areas through the work of our experienced and knowledgeable technical development and engineering teams.

Resource Recovery & Purification Solutions for Industrial Processes Worldwide

Over the years, Eco-Tec has firmly established itself in numerous major markets worldwide, through products such as High-purity Water Treatment Systems for steam, power generation, chemical and other industrial processes; Acid Purification equipment used in steel and aluminum finishing, electroplating, and mineral processing; Metal Recovery & Purification for nickel and chrome plating, copper electro-refining, and hydrometallurgy; and Chemical Purification for pulp & paper applications and caustic-etchant regeneration.

More recently, Eco-Tec has developed a prominent presence in markets such as the Treatment of Produced Water for heavy oil processing; Heat Stable Salts Removal from amine circuits for the production of low-sulfur fuels for oil, gas and petrochemical companies looking to meet emissions standards or other process requirements; and Biogas and Sour Gas Purification use in energy applications.

Full High Quality Design and Manufacturing Capabilities

Products are developed and continuously improved in Eco-Tec’s technology development department with full laboratory and pilot-facility resources. High performance equipment designs are adapted to market and client needs, and manufactured under an ISO 9001:2015 registered quality process in Eco-Tec’s own factory. Equipment is designed as compact modular skids to minimize site construction and commissioning complexity and is completely assembled and tested in Eco-Tec’s factory prior to shipment.

Eco-Tec staff provides on-site commissioning supervision services as well as operator training and performance demonstration of each system. Technical support is available 24/7 on-line or on-site if required.

Eco-Tec operates with the following certifications:

  • ASME (U-Manufacture of pressure vessels, Cert. 43,421 / UM-Manufacture of miniature pressure vessels, Cert. 43,422) – Built in accordance with requirements of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Codes
  • ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Systems Certified – For “Design, Build, Commission and Service of Chemical Treatment Equipment’ (Registration #2000/134), through independent auditing firm CCAS (Chamber Certification Assessment Services Ltd.)
  • TSSA (Technical Standards & Safety Authority) Certified – In accordance with Ontario Technical Standards & Safety Act, Boilers and Pressure Vessels Regulation
  • Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) CSA Standard W47.1 Certified – For fusion welding of Steel in Division 2

Eco-Tec Inc. is headquartered in Pickering, Ontario, Canada with representatives and distributors around the world.