About Eco-Tec Inc.

Eco-Tec Headquarters in Pickering, Ontario, Canada

The Source for Ion Exchange Separations

As a world-class manufacturer of innovative process equipment for water treatment and chemicals purification and recovery, Eco-Tec is a trusted source for systems incorporating advanced proprietary ion exchange and other innovative separations technologies for liquids and gases. Eco-Tec is delivering value to its customers by reducing environmental footprint, stabilizing product quality, increasing productivity, and reducing operational costs.

We serve several markets worldwide, including power, oil & gas, metals refining, metals finishing, pulp & paper, food, beverage, and renewable natural gas.

Our Vision

At Eco-Tec, our vision is to be the global leader in the application of specialty ion exchange and other separation solutions that address the water treatment, chemical purification and recovery needs of our customers. We create value through ongoing technological innovation of unique process solutions, the consistent production of high-quality products, and unsurpassed customer support.

Founded on Innovation

Eco-Tec, a company built on the ground-breaking technology of Recoflo® , was founded in 1970. This reciprocating flow ion exchange process breaks the mould of conventional ion exchange technology and provides significant performance and economic benefits. Over the years, it has evolved and spawned a variety of innovative separation solutions that enable our customers to effectively purify their industrial process streams and recover valuable resources.

Today, Eco-Tec manufactures a range of products based on our ion exchange and other proprietary separations technologies for use in high purity demineralization of water; heat stable salts removal from amine circuits; metals contamination from acid streams; salt separation; hydrogen sulphide removal from biogas and associated gas; filtering and softening of produced water; and other ionic contaminant removal.

Corporate Responsibility and Safety

At Eco-Tec, we take pride in helping our customers achieve sustainable operations with greater efficiency, higher productivity, and lower operational costs. This is accomplished while adhering to the highest standards of safety in our operations and product designs, with keen attention to environmental performance and internationally recognized quality standards. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified to meet our customers’ expectations for excellence and regulatory compliance. We are also an ASME certified pressure vessel fabricator and routinely work to a variety of international certification standards. We consistently aim to leverage these strengths for the benefit of your business.

Developing Solutions for the Future Today

We believe in continually investing in advancing technology to meet the evolving needs of our customers. Our dedicated research and development team located at our headquarters in Pickering, Ontario, Canada is constantly engaged in improving our process knowledge and product capabilities. Here, we prove our products’ ability to meet the needs of your applications and validate new and innovative value-add solutions.