For more than 25 years, I have been involved with various types of process separations technologies across many industries, and the one constant I have seen has been change.

Requirements for higher stream purities or for more economical and sustainable separations solutions have become ever more demanding. New technologies have been, and continue to be, needed to achieve separations that were previously not possible. Eco-Tec Inc., as a Koch Separation Solutions company, applies a market-based approach to create the greatest value. Our team makes a point of thoroughly understanding the processes and challenges of the markets that we serve, which allows us to effectively anticipate our customers’ needs so they can maximize their opportunities through our products.

Whether it is a growing requirement for higher purity industrial process water, the need for higher purity refined metals, or the drive to extend the life of multimillion dollar process equipment in hydrocarbon processing, the demand for advanced ion exchange and other high-performance separations products is greater than ever. These are just a few examples of the range of challenges that our customers face. Innovation has been a driving force at Eco-Tec for 50 years, and now as part of the KSS team we are increasing cross-functional collaborative innovation within Eco-Tec, KSS, and the broader Koch family. The “Open Innovation” culture of KSS ensures that we work closely together with our customers so that our ion exchange and other separation solutions are tailored to meet their needs. We succeed when our customers succeed.

Our dynamic structure allows us to be responsive to our customers, with company leadership engaged with our customers’ needs and ready to make timely decisions. Eco-Tec’s breadth of product offerings and in-depth technical expertise allows us to provide comprehensive support for present and future projects. Our process engineering team will work to determine the best value solution for our customers, and our operations and technical service teams will ensure fulfillment and support during project execution and beyond commissioning.

I believe we have only scratched the surface in terms of the valuable solutions we can deliver to our customers through proprietary ion exchange and other advanced separation technologies. I invite you to contact me and other members of our management team directly if there is anything we can do to serve you better in the spirit of Open Innovation. We know that you have options and we want to earn the privilege of being your source for advanced separations solutions. I am committed to your satisfaction.

Partner with us for a better future.


Glenn Towe
President Eco-Tec