Eco-Tec Applications

Eco-Tec is a Canadian company incorporated in 1970 with over 2000 systems supplied to more than 60 countries. Our systems incorporate advanced, proprietary designs that provide resource-recovery and purification solutions to various industries around the world. We design, develop, engineer and build equipment for industrial water treatment and purification of chemicals and gases. We are, celebrating over 48 years of manufacturing excellence.

Our products provide clients with improved performance, economics, and reliability in their operations, while facilitating environmentally responsible approaches to managing industrial water usage and chemical processes. Over the years, Eco-Tec has firmly established itself in major process equipment markets worldwide.

Industrial water treatment systems include high purity water treatment systems for steam, power generation, and produced water in oil and gas production.

Chemical recovery systems to purify, recover, and recycle chemicals used in oil refineries, gas processing plants, stainless steel pickling, aluminum finishing, electroplating, and mineral processing.

Gas purification systems specialized for sulfur removal from biogas and sour gas.