The use of amine is a leading technology for CO2 removal in petrochemical and fertilizer plants and capture of CO2 from flue gas generated in coal-fired power stations as part of the Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) approach to the mitigation of global warming.

Amine solvent technology has been widely used for many years to capture CO2 and H2S in oil refineries and gas processing plants in order to meet fuel quality standards. Operating experience with such amine circuits has shown that a class of contaminants is formed known as Heat Stable Salts (HSS). Excessive concentrations of HSS result in costly operational problems such as:

  • Corrosion of process equipment
  • Reduced amine absorber performance due to foaming
  • Reduction in available amine capacity

These problems, however, are eliminated or greatly minimized with Eco-Tec’s AmiPur®-CCS, which purifies the amine solvent to remove HSS contamination. AmiPur®-CCS is a version of Eco-Tec’s successful AmiPur® designed specifically for the requirements of amine purification in circuits designed for CO2 removal.

How It Works:

AmiPur®-CCS uses a proprietary, highly-efficient ion exchange process known as Recoflo® to remove Heat Stable Salts from amine. A slip stream of lean amine solution passes through a cartridge filter and ion exchange resin bed on the AmiPur® equipment skid. HSS is removed from the amine solution and exchanged onto the resin, while the purified amine solution is returned to the circuit. After treating a fixed volume of solution, the unit automatically initiates a regeneration sequence to remove HSS from the resin and direct it to waste. Once the regeneration sequence is completed, the unit resumes treating amine solution. In the case of primary and secondary amines, a proprietary regenerant is used to remove HSS from the resin, in order to minimize amine loss due to the formation of carbamate.


  • Reduced amine filtration costs.
  • Improved absorber economy and performance.
  • Versatility of location and small space requirement.
  • Low HSS level at all times, reduced corrosion of process equipment.
  • Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted and fully automated.