Fully Assembled AmiPur® System

Refineries and gas processing plants commonly use amine chemistry to remove hydrogen sulfide from process gases to meet product specifications, emissions standards, or other process requirements. During normal operation, contaminants can enter and amine circuit with the process gas and can result from amine degradation. Contaminants include Heat Stable Salt (HSS), solid particulates, and hydrocarbons, which, in increasing concentrations result in costly operational problems such as:

  • Corrosion of process equipment
  • Reduced amine absorber performance due to foaming
  • Reduction in available amine capacity

Eco-Tec’s Amine Purification System – AmiPur® – PLUS – featuring advanced Recoflo® ion exchange technology, continuously removes Heat Stable Salts (HSS) from amine solutions. Continuous removal of HSS allows for consistent, optimal performance of amine units. Low HSS content dramatically reduces corrosion, thereby extending the life of process equipment and reducing maintenance and filter replacement requirements.

Examples Of Equipment Corrosion In Amine Circuits

Lean/rich heat exchanger piping

Corrosion inside lean/rich heat exchanger

How It Works:

AmiPur® PLUS uses a proprietary, highly-efficient ion exchange process known as Recoflo® to remove Heat Stable Salts from amine. A slip stream of lean amine solution passes through a cartridge filter and ion exchange resin bed on the AmiPur® equipment skid. Heat Stable Salts are removed from the amine solution and exchanged onto the resin, while the purified amine solution is returned to the circuit. After treating a fixed volume of solution, the unit automatically initiates a regeneration sequence during which water and caustic are passed through the resin bed to remove HSS from the resin and direct it to waste. Once the regeneration sequence is completed, the unit resumes treating amine solution.

Amine Purification Process

Amine Purification Process


  • Reduced amine filtration costs.
  • Improved absorber economy and performance.
  • Versatility of location and small space requirement.
  • Low HSS level at all times, reduced corrosion of process equipment.
  • Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted and fully automated.