Acid Purification Unit

Eco-Tec has a range of products that have been developed specifically for treating acid baths used in the production of electrochemically etched aluminum capacitor foils and electrochemically grained aluminum lithographic printing plates.

Leading manufacturers of capacitor foils and lithographic printing plates rely on Eco-Tec systems to maintain production quality and efficiency while reducing chemical purchases and waste treatment costs.

Eco-Tec Acid Purification Systems are used to continuously remove dissolved aluminum from acids to keep the aluminum at a consistently low concentration. Systems have been used for purification of the following acids and mixtures;

  • Hydrochloric
  • Hydrochloric/acetic
  • Nitric
  • Phosphoric
  • Sulfuric

Acid Purification and Recovery


  • Reduces acid and waste neutralization costs.
  • Consistent chemistry composition for consistent quality.
  • Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted and pre-tested.
  • Recovered waste aluminum converted to potential by-product of commercial value.
  • Reduction in waste sludges and waste salt concentration (lower nitrate, phosphate).