Fully Assembled AnoPur™

AnoPur™ is a version of Eco-Tec’s Acid Purification System specifically adapted for purification of sulfuric acid used in aluminum anodizing.

Hundreds of AnoPur™ units are in operation in anodizing facilities around the world.

AnoPur™ is used to continuously remove dissolved aluminum from sulfuric acid anodizing baths in order to maintain the dissolved aluminum at a consistently low concentration.

This leads to elimination of bath decanting, minimizes chemical costs, and ensures a consistent, predictable anodizing operation at all times leading to improved product quality and productivity.

How It Works:

AnoPur™is a factory assembled, skid-mounted equipment package featuring a resin bed, piping, valves, and controls. It is connected to an anodizing tank (or multiple tanks) and continuously operates to remove dissolved aluminum from the tank. It does this using a simple process which involves passing the anodizing solution through a resin bed where the sulfuric acid and dissolved aluminum are separated. Periodically the resin is automatically “regenerated” using only water.

Aluminum Anodizing Process


  • Reduces acid purchases and waste treatment costs.
  • Eliminates downtime for dumping and reformulating anodizing baths.
  • Lower electrical current and cooling requirements due to the higher conductivity of purified anodizing solutions.
  • Consistent, predictable current and voltage requirements. This allows for full automation of the anodizing process.
  • Consistent, predictable anodic film characteristics (thickness, density) to assure consistent appearance. This is especially critical in maintaining consistent color in subsequent electrolytic color or organic dyeing steps.