Fully Assembled ChromaPur™

How It Works:

ChromaPur™ is a factory assembled, skid-mounted equipment package featuring a resin bed, piping, valves, and controls. Chrome plating solution is to be sent to an off-line feed tank and ChromaPur™ continuously operates off this tank to remove dissolved contaminants. It does this using a simple process which involves passing the chrome plating solution through a resin bed where the chromic acid and dissolved contaminants are separated. Periodically, the resin is automatically regenerated using sulfuric acid and water. The purified chromic acid is collected and returned back to the chrome plating tanks as required.


  • Reduces chromic acid purchases and waste treatment/haulage costs.
  • Eliminates downtime for dumping and reformulating chrome plating baths.
  • Consistent, predictable current and voltage requirements. This allows for full automation of the plating process.
  • Uses Eco-Tec’s highly efficient Recoflo® ion exchange process for the greatest acid savings and minimal waste.
  • A range of compact, standard models to provide the most economical package for any chrome plater are available.
  • Proven, quality, corrosion resistant components and materials selected for long service life in a chrome plating facility.
  • Complete factory assembly and testing in Eco-Tec’s ISO registered facility assures fast start-up and reliable operation.
  • Ensures a conductive plating bath with low contaminants to provide consistent and predictable product quality (uniform thickness, elimination of burning and pitting issues).