The most widely used acid recycling system in the world, the Eco-Tec Acid Purification Unit, APU®, eliminates bath dumping by removing metals as they dissolve into stainless steel and carbon steel pickling acids and . Since 30% – 70% of original acid is lost in bath dumping before being used, the APU® dramatically reduces acid and related waste treatment expenses.

How It Works:

The APU® uses a resin sorption process and simple water wash to recover acid. The system is comprised of three subsystems – high performance Spectrum Filter for minimum acid losses during solids, removal, cooling of acid, where required, to prevent dangerous reaction of hot nitric acid and resin, and proven high performance operation of the APU® unit itself. The net result is a virtually continuous process for acid purification. With consistent bath chemistry, stainless steel pickling performance is assured. With metals at low levels, further improvements are realized in cooler running temperatures and reduced generation of sludge and fumes.

The Eco-Tec MicroPur™ is a version of the APU® designed in a range of sizes to accommodate the small to mid-sized pickler.


  • No chemicals for operation of the APU®.
  • Low consumption of water, electricity and air.
  • Reduced acid purchases and neutralization costs.
  • Improved product quality and consistency of acid composition.
  • Elimination of bath dumping, clean-out and reformulation labor.
  • Elimination/reduction of hazardous acid tank cleaning by workers.
  • Fully manufactured at Eco-Tec’s North American ISO certified facility.
  • System fully tested at Eco-Tec’s North American factory before shipment.
  • Pre-assembled, skid-mounted, standard Eco-Tec materials and construction.
  • Pre-assembled, skid-mounted equipment is easy to install using standard materials and Eco-Tec instructions.
  • Eco-Tec is the original develope of Acid Purification Systems using resin technology and continues to be the worldwide leader.
  • Cooling of acid prevents dangerous reaction of hot nitric acid and resin without need for sensors, controls, procedures to detect and respond once dangerous reaction starts.