The process of SgPur™

SgPur™ is Eco-Tec’s proven H2S removal system for treatment of associated sour gas from oil and gas operations.

The system is capable of treating sour gas with H2S concentrations of a few hundred ppmv to over 30,000 ppmv (3%) while reducing the H2S to just a few ppm to meet downstream requirements for power generation fuel, or to be sold for pipeline or transportation fuel.

The H2S is converted to solid elemental sulfur which has resale potential as a soil enhancement additive or easily disposed of as a non-hazardous waste. It generates no other waste.

The process is based on a proprietary combination of a liquid catalyst and a compact gas/liquid contactor and a solids removal system. The dissolved chemical catalyst which promotes the conversion of H2S into solid elemental is not consumed in the process, and so chemical make-up requirements of the system are minimal.

As a result, the typical operating costs of the process are significantly lower than for any solid sorbent or liquid sorbent (e.g. traizine) process.

A range of standard models are available which are designed and fully manufactured at Eco-Tec’s factory as compact systems that are easy to ship and install.