Eco-Tec specializes in integrating water treatment components to provide the highest purity water in a simple, reliable package. Based on target specifications and centered around the proprietary Recoflo® ion exchange technology.

Eco-Tec offers water treatment systems that can be composed of dual media filters, demineralizers, reverse osmosis membrane systems and condensate polishers.

Our experience in the industrial water treatment has improved profitability and reliability at steel plants and power plants, including nuclear, coal-fired, simple or combined cycle gas-fired plants. Eco-Tec’s total system approach ensures a design that will take the raw source water and turn it into high purity water cost effectively, with compact, efficient and reliable equipment designs.


  • Improve reliability with simple design.
  • Low operating cost with advanced technology.
  • Extend equipment lifetime with high purity water.
  • Reduce waste and chemicals with high purity water.