Recoflo® TriFlo™ Demineralizer

Eco-Tec’s TriFlo™ Demineralizer produces the ultrapure water (i.e. conductivity of less than 0.1 μS/cm) often required to feed critical and super critical boilers. This is achieved economically with stable and robust process equipment from feed water containing up to 450 ppm of total dissolved solids.

Ultrapure water can be achieved by simply adding an additional cation resin bed as a polisher after the usual two-bed demineralizer to remove residual sodium ions. The TriFlo™ Demineralizer can provide solutions for applications requiring high purity water in the range of 10 – 18.0 resistivities.


  • 50% less floor space & 70% less headroom required, a short-bed height and small resin volume mean less space to do more.
  • Our pre-assembled and pre-tested skids are fully automated and ready to drop into place with easy installation and operation.
  • Low resin loading and the use of a fine mesh resin combines low-stress with high resin strength for a long service life and reduced resin replacement costs.
  • Counter-current regeneration through our compressed resin bed leads to maximum regeneration efficiency, minimizing the chemical volumes needed leading to reduced regeneration chemistry costs.