“Produced water” is the oil and gas industry term for any water that comes out of the oil or gas reservoir as part of the production process. Produced water contains contaminants that require removal before proper disposal or reuse. Some of the impurities or substances likely to be found in produced water include: oil, naturally occurring radioactive materials (NORM), waxes, greases, sand, scales, dissolved salts, CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2S (hydrogen sulfide) gases, other hydrocarbons, production chemicals, and various metals.

Extraction of heavy oil often involves the production of steam for injection into the formation (steam flooding, cyclic steam, SAGD). In order to minimize or eliminate the consumption of fresh water to feed steam generators, produced water is often treated and conditioned to a quality suitable for feed to a steam generator, such as an OTSG.


  • Compact, skid-mounted, factory assembled systems.
  • Variable feed water conditions and effective in-situ resin cleaning.
  • Fully automated, easy to operate and maintain with easy adjustment.
  • Eliminate the use of acid and caustic for regeneration of WAC softeners.
  • 40-80% reduction in salt for regeneration compared with conventional softeners treating an equivalent quality and quantity of water.
  • Installed around the world, Eco-Tec’s Produced Water Treatment systems come with start-up supervision, customer training, full factory pre-testing, and access to the ECO-SERV program that includes performance monitoring and 24 hour telephone service.