Eco-Tec is a globally recognized provider of produced-water treatment systems for heavy-oil operations, featuring advanced polishing media filtration (Spectrum Filter™) and ion-exchange softeners (RecoPur®) that dramatically reduce materials, waste, and operational costs for clients.

As an alternative to fresh water, produced water — the water brought up with oil and gas during extraction — represents a more practical, environmentally responsible source of boiler-feed water. Extraction of heavy oil typically involves vast amounts of water for the production of steam for injection into formations (steam flooding, cyclic steam, SAGD).

Eco-Tec’s systems represent a safer, smaller, more efficient way of treating produced water to reduce scaling and corrosion, while eliminating conventional problems such as high chemical (salt, acid, caustic) consumption and poor oil and solids filtration quality. Eco-Tec’s systems also present a much more compact and simple to operate solution when compared with produced water lime softening systems.