Spectrum™  Plus Filters

Nutshell media filters are commonly used in the treatment of produced water to reduce the oil and solids content of the water prior to injection for Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or prior to subsequent treatment such as softening the water as feed to steam generators used in heavy oil production. However, residual oil and suspended solids which are present in nutshell filtrate result in downstream operational problems.

Solution: Improved filtration provided by Spectrum Plus Filter™ results in significant improvement to downstream processes. Spectrum is a nutshell filter with a difference. It has the unique ability to remove oil and suspended solids to much lower levels than can be achieved by conventional nutshell filters.

The Spectrum Plus Filter™ is able to achieve its high level of performance by using two particulate media layers and a patented backwash process. An upper layer of coarse media allows for an extended service cycle by providing depth filtration of large particles while a lower layer of very dense fine polishing media provides surface filtration of smaller particles.

While conventional nutshell filtrate contains significant particles in the 0-10 micron size range, Spectrum removes virtually all particles > 2 micron and significantly reduces < 2 micron particles. The nutshell media is effectively scoured using air or gas — no separate pumps or agitators are required. There are 15 standard models ranging from 1,500 – 60,000 BPD (50 – 2,000 gpm, 11 – 450 m3/hr.)


  • Fully automated, self-diagnostic features.
  • Pre-assembled, pre-programmed, skid-mounted.
  • Key operating parameters available from remote location.
  • Longer injection well operating life and improved flow through oil field.
  • Short, compact skids, at least 50% less space required than other systems.
  • Removes virtually all particles >2 micron, significantly reduces <2 micron particles.
  • Reduced oil entering evaporator improves crystallization and overall process and reduces scaling potential.
  • Elimination of fouling downstream ion exchange by suspended solids; reduction of oil fouling ion exchange resins.
  • Reduced oil entering Lime Softener improves lime softening process because particles do not become coated with oil; less chemicals may be used; fewer upsets.
  • Filtrate comparable to a 1 micron cartridge filter, far better than the 5-10 micron rated filters often used in such services; cartridge filters can be eliminated saving costs, labor, materials, etc.