“Systems when commissioned delivered promised performance which was demonstrated during the Final Acceptance Test. Technical Support has been good and provided when was required.”
Recardo Castellanos Zanella, PEMEX

“Before the Eco-Tec system went in we had to often protect chokes with screens to prevent scale from getting in or else we wouldn’t be able to properly divert steam flow. Now, we don’t have to do that any more, and that’s because the Eco-Tec equipment is doing a good job stopping scale and erosion.”
Faustino Garcia, Seneca Resources

“The ‘can do’ spirit of Eco-Tec is rather refreshing, and I wish more of our vendors displayed your enthusiasm, initiative and courtesy. We look forward to continued success on this project.”
James W. Kendrick, Energy/Power Generation, Central and South West Services Inc.

“The Recoflo® System at the Ontario Health Science Centre Cogeneration Facility has consistently provided make-up water quality that meets or exceeds the boiler specifications. The Recoflo® System is much easier to troubleshoot than a conventional demineralization system because it takes only a few minutes to regenerate – you know quickly whether everything is OK – a lot better than the hours it takes with other systems.”
Glen Matys, BetzDearborn

“If I had to purchase another demin system it would definitely be Recoflo®. The on-demand power plant can be shut down for weeks at a time with no water treatment start-up worries – the entire plant is producing power within 10 minutes. Installation was a breeze and the small footprint fit a desirable location. After two years of trouble free operation, the Recoflo unit is easy to work with, simple to maintain and troubleshoot.”
Robert Beckley, Southwestern Electric Cooperative, Freedom Station

“The Eco-Tec Recoflo® System at TransAlta’s cogeneration facilities has reliably produced water exceeding the specified quality. Despite the high concentration of organics in the Ottawa River feed-water, we have not needed to change resin in over 6 years of continuous operation.”
Assistant Plant Manager, TransAlta Mississauga Cogeneration Plant

“With your aggressive cooperation in construction of the Fukuyama Stainless Steel Strip Production Plant and supply of superb technology, you have contributed greatly to completion of construction on schedule and to a satisfactory startup. For your efforts, we wish to express our deep thanks by awarding this Certificate of Appreciation.”
T. Shibuya, Construction Technical Center, NKK

“Today, when we all are looking for quality and perfection it is relieving to know we have found at least one vendor who can provide. This performance is so outstanding; in fact I have used this project as an example in discussion with some other suppliers as to how we would prefer all vendors to handle our orders. Thanks again for the effort – it is certainly appreciated!”
Craig E. Bigler, Eastman Kodak Company

“We are very satisfied with the Eco-Tec system, primarily because it is recovering nickel as promised which we reuse in plating baths and has reduced our nickel and waste treatment costs. Additional benefits we have seen following the installation of the unit include improved rinsing quality, reduced plating problems and an effluent compliance benefit. We are very pleased to have the Eco-Tec Nickel Recovery System.”
Sheryl Caudill, Superior Metal Products

“The AmiPur unit came on line at 2.4% heat stable salts in solution and within 30 days we were down to 1.7%. The corrosion probe was reading about 34 mils/year at start up and was down to 9 after 30 days. The filter change out rate went from 8 days to 23 days. The color of the amine also got visibly clearer in 30 days and iron in the solution dropped from 260 to less than 100 ppm, and has continued down. The unit absorbers delta p instrumentation got very stable and antifoam use stopped completely.”
Peter Davy, Crown Central Petroleum

Reliance is satisfied with the continued technical support being given by Eco-Tec ever since the installation of the first AmiPur unit and expects the same kind of support to continue in future too.”
E. James AmBaichelvan, Reliance Industries

“After the Eco-Tec installation, our generator’s run time has increased and has never gone down because of water issues. With Eco-Tec’s help we believe we can handle the very high TDS in the water… What was new about the Eco-Tec project was using a SAC/WAC system that didn’t require hydrochloric acid and caustic in the regeneration process. We didn’t want the safety concerns in handling those; that was one of the reasons we chose the Eco-Tec technology.”
Keith Jones, Seneca Resources

Eco-Tec’s array of resources and services are all maintained in-house… This approach is very uncommon among today’s Canadian-based manufacturers, but it has been a winning tactic for Eco-Tec. It remains a competitor on the world stage in its respective markets and has a commitment to quality, attention to detail and timely accurate responses to problems, attributes very much appreciated by their clients.”
Donna McFarlane, Durham College/Ajax-Pickering Board of Trade

The Eco-Tec Recoflo® system at the cogeneration facilities have reliably produced water exceeding the specified quality. Despite the high concentration of organics in the river feed water, we have not needed to change resin in over six years of continuous operation!”
Assistant Plant Manager, Gas-Fired Power Plant

“It’s hard to believe that an entire new water plant so sophisticated that it is remotely operated can be designed, built, installed and commissioned in 10 months. Eco-Tec has set a whole new standard in design engineering, sophistication and project management.”
Project Manager, Nuclear Generation Station